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Welcome to Briggs Aquaponics Systems Installations
Serving Grovetown, Evans and Augusta, Georgia.
(We will also travel to South Carolina, Florida and Alabama)

Click on the video links below to learn
more about Aquaponics.

          Introduction to Aquaponics 1

          Introduction to Aquaponics 2

          Introduction to Aquaponics 3

          Aquaponics & Aphids, Murray Cod & Backup Systems

          Aquaponics & Adding Chelated Iron

          Aquaponics Secret Weapon

          Aquaponics Can Also be for Profit

          Aquaponics - Go Commercial & Start Small

          Aquaponics on 60 Minutes



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  Aquaponic Systems Installations & Services

  Drain Cleaning & Plumbing Repair Services

  Septic & Wells & Sprinkler System Services

  Masonry & Contracting Services

  Logistic Services



Briggs Services 

Briggs Services serves the Evans, Grovetown and Augusta, Georgia region with its House Cleaning, Handy Man, Drain Cleaning & Plumbing Repair, Septic & Well Services, Aquaponics System Installations, Masonry & Contracting and Logistics companies. Briggs Services is a family owned local business with more than 30 years of cleaning, plumbing, well & septic, masonry & contracting and logistics experience and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and technology to clean, fix and repair your household issues including but not limited to drain and plumbing problems, well & septic issues, masonry and contracting needs and logistic necessities. We offer the best guarantees and lowest prices on the market today. We also provide true 24 hour emergency services.

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Consulting can range from
short-term informational assistance
to longer-term insourcing or outsourcing
determined by client needs and resources.
This is determined by your specific needs
and goals.



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